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All sizes listed for bracelets are the actual lengths of the bracelets to the snap closure.  Bracelets will correctly fit approximately 1/4" to 1/2" more than your actual wrist size. 

N.Kluger Collection Category Bracelet Sizes (approximately)
Youth/Small Less than 7"
Medium 7" to 7.5"
 Large More than 7.5"


If you have a tape measure handy, you can measure your wrist that way in inches.  Do not wrap the measuring tape too tightly around your wrist or you may get an inaccurate measurement.  

Measure your wrist

If you do not have a tape measure, you can also take a string or strip of paper to wrap around your wrist, mark it, and then hold the string up to a ruler to get a measurement.

Measure your wrist

The wonderful thing about zipper bracelets is that they are made of zippers.  These are the same zippers you will find in your clothing, bags and accessories.  If you get them wet, they will not ruin.  If you get them REALLY wet, they may wrinkle.  

If you stain your bracelet, first try a drop of dish liquid on a damp cloth to blot out the stain.  For harder stains, try hand sanitizer (it is my go-to for all stains, especially ink).

Each bracelet is finished so that the edges will not fray.  However, if you find your bracelet starting to fray at the edges, there is an easy fix. 

  1. Take your bracelet off your wrist (very important).
  2. Take a lighter (children, ask your parents for help) and lightly hold the flame near the edge of the bracelet and run it back and forth a couple times. Be careful not to light the edges on fire or burn too much of the bracelet unevenly.
  3. When the edges are cool enough to touch, squeeze them for a few seconds to bind the edges.  

All of my zipper bracelets are handmade.  Each one is individually assembled and sewn in-house and each charm is applied by hand.  Because each bracelet is handmade by me, flaws may occur.  There may be a flaw in the sewing.  These flaws (in my opinion) make each bracelet unique and give character.  While most flaws are hard to see, they still exist and are a cherished sign that nobody is perfect.

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