Handmade for the Holidays

I hate to say it, but we all know the holidays are right around the corner.  And, with the holiday cheer and eggnog, comes the unbearable practice of trying to find that PERFECT gift for your loved ones.  

If you are anything like me, I refuse to give gifts unless they are the most thoughtful gifts I could think of.  I make myself crazy trying to find that gift...the one that they truly love.  The one that makes the fake smile transform into actual joy.  It's seriously what I live for.

I love giving handmade gifts.  When I say, "handmade," I do NOT mean some shitty card with shapes cut out and glued on by two hands.  I want to give handmade gifts that people will actually use.  Things that the like.  Things that are quality.  

One year, we grew Meyer lemons in our yard.  I made amazing meyer lemon jam from them and homemade meyer lemon preserves.  It was seriously adorably packaged and absolutely delicious.  

The best part about giving something that is a quality handmade product, is knowing that you are not supporting some huge corporation, famous for crushing souls while improving their profit margin.  Instead, you are supporting a craftsperson.  Someone who personally put their heart and soul into that item.  This item was NOT bulk-manufactured in a foreign factory with underpaid, underage slaves.  Each part of each handmade item is specific and done with purpose.  

Will it always be perfectly constructed?  Yes and no.  There may be a stitch that went diagonal or the occasional flaw, but that is what makes each item unique and human and perfect nonetheless.  So, shop handmade this holiday season.  Find your perfect gift and just be an all-around thoughtful gift-giving winner. 

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