Low Expectations Make a Happy New Year

We've officially gotten through one day of 2019.  Let's be proud of ourselves just for that minor accomplishment.  I don't make New Year's resolutions.  Why put that much pressure on yourself?  We set ourselves up for inevitable failure and that's just depressing.  

Instead, I try to think of things that I want to try to do in the near future without any fear of failure if I don't.  But, these are things that I might decide throughout the year, and not just at the beginning.  For instance, I want to become a better tennis player and exercise more.  I can become a better tennis player by practicing more and therefore getting more exercise.  

I just started knitting.  Perhaps I may want to learn more knit stitches than the default one I'm using to make a scarf.  I'm not giving myself a time limit or kicking myself if I don't learn more about knitting.  It's just something that would be nice to know.  

I would love to be a better sewer and learn more sewing techniques.  I really won't put any pressure on myself for that one as it is seriously daunting to me.  Would it be nice?  Absolutely!  Am I putting it on an imaginary must-do list?  Hell no!  

So, my philosophy is to make this year splendid by not putting any pressure on myself to accomplish anything.  Is that (in itself) a New Year's resolution?  If it is, I take it all back.  

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